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8 Delicious Snowskin Mooncakes To Try Now

Tease your palate with these unusual and creative snow skin mooncakes, from fruity to alcoholic

By Samantha Francis

A beautifully baked traditional mooncake may be a work of art, but its newfangled counterparts have nonetheless wrestled its way into our hearts and bellies.

We ate our way through a spread of delightful Mid-Autumn mooncakes and here are ten of our favourite snow skin creations.

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(Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel)

2. Gin Pineapple Snow Skin Mooncake

This year, Goodwood Park Hotel has created a refreshing and textural mooncake ($38 for two) inspired by the good ol’ tropical, gin-based cocktail. It’s got gin flavoured filling and compressed fresh pineapple cubes, all enrobed in silky smooth snow skin.

Available at Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road.

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