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Feeling Bad About The Burger You Had For Lunch?

These women make eating their own weight in food look so easy

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Muk-bang combines two Korean words, Muk-ja (eating) and Bang-Song (broadcasting). The result is a craze of people eating an exorbitant amount of food on camera for fame and money.

It has been reported that the top Muk-bang video streamers earn a whopping US$9000 a month for filming themselves eating lunch and dinner. These meals are of course not your usual home-cooked meals, instead, the portions Muk-bang stars consume are huge.

According to popular Muk-bang star, Park Seo Yeon, also known as The Diva, people are drawn to these videos because they want to live vicariously through Muk-bang performers. If they plan on eating less or skipping a meal, watching a Muk-bang stream helps the audience to still feel satisfied without having to consume calories.

If you are on a diet, why not try watching these 5 video streamers eat your fill instead. Personally, these streams just make me even hungrier, but hey, to each their own.



1. The Diva

As mentioned, The Diva is one of the most popular Muk-bang stars around. The South Korean beauty streams at least 4 times a week and normally consumes a variety of hotpots.


2. Wang Ju

Wang Ju no longer posts Muk-bang videos on her channel but some of her old videos are pretty impressive. Unlike other Muk-bang stars, Wang Ju doesn’t bother to doll up for her audience, instead, she keeps things real while eating huge portions of food.


3. Keemi

Keemi is an acting Muk-bang video poster who posts videos in English. Wat sets her videos apart is that she does not only eat Korean food but a whole host of international dishes too.


4. Shoogi 님슈기

One of the most petite Muk-bang stars around, Shoogi’s bubbly personality has garnered over 300,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. The young personality also does beauty videos when she isn’t busy stuffing herself with food.


5. Kinoshita Yuka

While she is not a Korean Muk-bang star, Kinoshita Yuka has one of the most popular eating channels on YouTube. This slim Japanese lady is capable of eating 100 burgers and over 200 pieces of sushi.

In this video, she tries our very own Singapore Laksa for the first time after a Taiwanese fan sent her packets from Prima Taste. I love the idea of putting ramen eggs into laksa and will be doing that the next time I make my own instant Laksa.