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Ever Wanted To Mic Drop An Email Convo? Now You Can

Rage quit a conversation in style with Gmail’s April Fools’ function

By Pamela Chow

Almost everyone can relate to getting tangled in an e-mail argument going nowhere, be it with friends, family or coworkers.

Now, with Gmail’s new function, you can leave the frustrating e-mail thread in style.

Called the “Mic Drop” function, you can exit and archive an e-mail conversation by typing your famous last words and sending with the animated orange button:


The message will be sent to your specified recipients, and automatically archived so you won’t receive notifications from the conversation from then on.

Of course, this being Apr 1, this is obviously a prank – but it actually works.

Go to your “Sent” folder and you can view your ‘parting speech’, animated Minion included:

Untitled 1

So be careful when testing out this adorable function, you don’t want to accidentally drop the mic on the big boss of your company!

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