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Fat Lulu’s: Grilled Meats And Bold Plated Desserts

At Fat Lulu’s, no burn means no taste

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Images: Author’s own

Meet Fat Lulu’s, the new kid on River Valley Road occupying Five & Dime’s previous grounds. Run by Head Chef Sam Chabliani, the cozy restaurant focuses on food grilled simply over charcoal.

You’ll notice that the small menu gives an equal share to the restaurant’s desserts crafted by Chef Song. In fact, every Friday and Saturday, the restaurant runs till late, turning into a dessert bar till 2am. The concentrated menu showcases what the chefs do well but if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the daily special written on the chalkboard at the back of the restaurant. You might just discover a diamond in the rough.


Straight from the grill


Don’t be afraid of the char on your meats, embrace Chef Sam’s philosophy of “no burn,no taste” instead.

Taking a sneak peek into the kitchen, I was surprised by how simple the grill used at Fat Lulu’s is. Instead of relying on the latest in grill technology, Chef Sam experiments with different types of wood and charcoal to create the perfect char. Since the food needs to be cooked fast so don’t expect large, American sized portions here. The palm-sized proteins cook in minutes, allowing the kitchen to churn out meals fast despite the petite grill.


The Duh Meat Board is a duo of skirt steak and sweet pork chops with a mild spicy aftertaste.

The best way to enjoy a meal at Fat Lulu’s is to order a bunch of dishes for the table to share. The Ikan Bakar ($18), grilled, marinated parrot fish and Duh Meat Board ($28) were some of my favourite mains. At Fat Lulu’s, the follow the philosophy of, “no burn, no taste”, ensuring that everything that everything that touches the grill has some formidable scorch marks.


Regardless of what you choose as a main, you must order the Tomatoes & Burrata at Fat Lulu’s.

Surprisingly, the best dish of the night was a straightforward plate of Tomatoes & Burrata ($15). The plump San Marzano tomatoes burst with sweet and tangy flavour, complimenting the creaminess of the burrata. I highly recommend ordering this as a side to accompany any main dish.

A new dessert bar in town


The Peanut Butter Popsicle puts all your childhood favorites in one place.

Far from the typical cheesecake or chocolate lava cake, the desserts are experimental yet familiar. The Tiramisu ($14) is constructed with a mascarpone pannacotta and Kahlua granita and Chef Song’s version of a Peanut Butter Popsicle ($16) is made with homemade peanut butter ice cream, chocolate cookie and tangy raspberry granita.

Despite having five dishes from the main menu, my dining companion and I somehow managed to find space to share a 3-course dessert ($35) tasting too. Don’t let the word ‘tasting’ fool you, each plate still serves a full-sized dessert. The Mango & Lychee, in particular, was a light and refreshing end to the meal.

Desserts are served until 11pm on weekdays and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. To celebrate their opening, desserts will be going at $10 after 10pm only on Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of public holidays in July.

Fat Lulu’s. 297 River Valley Road, Singapore  238338. Tel: 9236 5002.


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