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Hits And Misses In Kuvo’s New Cocktail-Food Pairings

The multi-concept restaurant and bar at Orchard Shopping Centre shines a spotlight on food and cocktail pairings

Homemade Coffee Hot Sauce Chicken Wings _ Veggie Crudites w Blue Cheese Dip 2

Coated in a sticky and spicy sauce, the moreish Kuvo Coffee Hot Wings had flavours that packed a punch. 

Tucked away on the second floor of Orchard Shopping Centre lies Kuvo, a multi-concept restaurant and bar which could easily be one of Orchard’s best-kept secrets.

This month, the dining place, which offers a smorgasbord of cuisine ranging from Western to Chinese and even Japanese, has launched a new menu.

New and delightful tapas

Brandy Flambeed Beef Cube

Kuvo’s new tapas highlights include the Brandy Flambeed Beef Cube.

What has changed most is Kuvo’s new focus on the synergy between food and drinks, so diners can expect sharing tapas plates alongside bespoke cocktail pairings.

New tapas highlights include the Brandy Flambeed Beef Cube ($22), Kurobuta Yakiniku Donburi ($16) and the Atlantic Cod Meuniere ($20).

Served in mini iron-cast pans, the dishes came in perfect sharing portions for 2-3 persons. The cod, crusted with sweet pea, had a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The accompanying dollop of citrus nutty-brown butter easily coaxed the fish’s freshness out.

Small plates and bespoke cocktails

Kurobuta Yakiniku Donburi

The Kurobuta Yakiniku Donburi was well-balanced and tasted delightful.

The donburi could be best described as comforting. Topped with a slow-cooked egg, which burst upon a nudge, coating the strips of grilled pork loin, the dish was well-balanced and tasted delightful.

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Tales of Shu

The sake-based cocktail Tales of Shu is brewed in a coffee siphon.

To complement the rice bowl, mixologist Yutaka Nakashima concocted the sake-based cocktail Tales of Shu ($21). Brewed in a coffee siphon, this method essentially combines the fragrance of dried orange peel with heated sake, sans bitterness.

The flavours of the warm and hearty donburi were wonderfully elevated by the sake cocktail’s slow heat.

Hits and misses

Brewski Yen

The Brewski Yen is a Kirin beer-based, thirst-quenching cocktail.

Another excellent pairing was the Kuvo Coffee Hot Wings ($14) and the Brewski Yen ($21), inspired by the quintessential combination of fried wings and chilled beer.

Coated in a sticky and spicy sauce, the moreish hot wings had flavours that packed a punch. Completing this power pairing was the Brewski Yen, a Kirin beer-based, thirst-quenching cocktail that balanced the tangy flavours of lemon and ginger ale.

Another dish worth a mention is the English Scotch Egg ($14). A slice of the knife readily yielded its silky, runny yolk and layers of tender, minced wagyu beef.

English Scotch Egg

The English Scotch Egg is a must-try.

However, the accompanying Captain BR cocktail ($21) with Earl Grey-infused rum, fresh lemon and soda water tasted rather watered-down, and did little to match the Scotch egg’s richness.

For the most part however, Kuvo’s solid balance between its signature dishes and creative cocktail creations is a boon for diners.

Kuvo, #02-01, Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238866, Tel: 6733 8272

By Samantha Francis

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