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Enjoy the Different Concepts of Japan at Hattendo, PIPES

Cafe by day and Izakaya by night. Hattendo’s First Dual-Concept restaurant brings the best of Japan to Singapore.

Following its success as one of the top bakeries in Hiroshima since 1933, Hattendo has since expanded and opened its FIRST overseas outlet with a dual-concept Cafe & Roasting Gallery and Izakaya, PIPES by Hattendo in Singapore.

Hattendo’ renowned Hiroshima cream buns are the perfect sweet treat to pair with their specialty coffee. From bread making, cream preparation to wrapping, each process is delicately done by hand in-house, because each of these cream buns have to be made with precision. We believe that most of you should have already tried their famous cream buns by now.

As the sun sets, get ready for a whole new experience here at PIPES – something very different from their day cafe!

PIPES’ new izakaya menu is a thoughtful curation of izakaya dishes made with top-notch Japanese ingredients and a selection of sake, all sourced directly from Japan. You can enjoy the different flavours of Japan without needing to fly! Enjoy the famed succulent oysters from Hiroshima, fresh Chu Toro sourced from Misaki Port and sake brewed from Suishin, all at PIPES!

Their new Baked Oysters are available in exciting flavours like Mentaiko, Butter Garlic, Parmigiana and Hokkaido Cheese! These large, juicy and rich oysters go hand in hand with Suishin sake which further enhance the umami in each other.

If you love raw food, their Premium Moriawase offers the freshest seafood catches in one. Be greeted with the likes of Hon-Maguro Chu Toro from Kuro Maguro, an authentic Kaisendon restaurant specialising in maguro (bluefin tuna). The maguro is sourced from Misaki Port, a port town in the Kanagawa prefecture known for its abundance of freshly caught tuna exports.

One of the most prized delicacies on the izakaya menu would be this Salt Baked Fish! Crack open this salt crust with a little hammer to reveal a delicate White Snapper. This unique baking technique of the fish in salt crust is called Shiogama-Yaki and this method is extremely popular and traditional in Japan. It allows the fish to express its maximum flavour, retaining the moisture of the fish and being well-seasoned at the same time. Try out it on their new izakaya menu.

Other dishes that you should try is the Salt Grilled Mozambique Lobster that is succulent, sweet and tender.

Of course, the izakaya experience wouldn’t be complete without Sake. Their Signature Suishin Sake Flight.  Suishin brews their sake with extremely rare water from Mount Takanosu, which lies in the heart of Hiroshima. Their brews are characterised by a soft, delicate and deep flavour. With this flight, you’ll get to try 4 x 60ml glasses of sake directly imported from Suishin at only S$20.

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Hattendo, PIPES is located at 331 New Bridge Road #01-02, Dorsett Residences.