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Have A Taste Of The Future At Deliveroo Food Market

How would you like to order your meal digitally, and receive it in a cool scifi-esque cubby?

Photo: Deliveroo Singapore

Deliveroo Food Market, the delivery food giant’s latest Editions feature located at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS, has 10 kitchens and a 40-seater dine-in space that is powered by a fully-automated ordering experience in collaboration with eatsa, a San Francisco-based technology automation company – also their very first launch in Asia!

Lit with natural light and a soft blue glow from its trademark logo, walking into the Deliveroo Food Market almost feels like stepping into a food court from a scifi movie. While it may seem confusing at first – where are the menus? Where do you collect your food from? – It’s actually pretty straightforward!

Photo: Deliveroo Singapore

Head to the row of self-serve kiosks lining the centre of the area, and take your pick from the digital menus available. Place your orders, make your payment, key in your name and here’s the cool part: Once your food is ready, it will be placed in one of twelve digital cubbies for pick up. You’ll receive a notification on the digital status board to pick up your food from the designated cubby, and choose to enjoy it either onsite or take it away.

Deliveroo Food Market is currently home to seven restaurants with a total of 11 food concepts, serving up a diverse range of cuisines that include Japanese, Korean, Greek, Western and Vietnamese. If you’re craving Asian cuisine, take your pick from Bonchon‘s Korean Fried Chicken or Japchae, The Flying Squirrel‘s Chirashi Don, Rasa Rasa‘s Salted Egg Fried Rice, EZO Hokkaido Eats‘ Butadon, or NamNam‘s Pho bowls. Or, if you want something slightly more Western or exotic, how about Greek street food from Lucky Souvlaki, burgers from Omakase Burger, or Beef Short Rib from Delismith?

Photo: Deliveroo Singapore

Some of our favourites would be the Signature Butadon from EZO Hokkaido Eats – a dish featuring three cuts of tender, marinated grilled pork (belly, collar and loin) coated with tare sauce and grilled to perfection, atop a bed of fluffy rice; Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger from Omakase Burger – Omakase’s signature cheeseburger topped with applewood smoked bacon for a deliciously meaty, smoky burger; and Sauteed Lemongrass Chicken Rice from ComNam.

If you’re looking to get a caffeine hit, homegrown mobile espresso bar Nineteen95 also serves up great coffee here!

With a wide variety of dishes offered, and an innovative ordering and dining experience; Deliveroo Food Market is a great place to get your food fix, offering more than just delivery!


Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 4.30pm – 9.30pm

ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS, 29 Media Circle, #01-02/03, Singapore 138565