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8 Delicious Snowskin Mooncakes You Must Try

If you prefer snowskin mooncakes to traditional mooncakes, here is a list of snowskin mooncakes that you got to try!

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3. ZEE & ELLE’s Under The Moonlight Snowskin Mooncakes, S$75.00/box

ZEE & ELLE has teamed up with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co to launch their very first tea-infused snow skin mooncakes. Their new Under The Moonlight Snow Skin Mooncakes features four delightful flavours that include Japanese Citrus Yuzu, Oolong Lychee, Blissful Berries Pu’er and Jasmine Pearl Peach. Incorporating tea and fruitiness into their handcrafted snow skin mooncakes, featuring The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.’s signature tea blends- Jasmine and Blissful Berries.

Each box contains:
1 x Oolong Lychee Snow Skin Mooncake
1 x Jasmine Pearl Peach Snow Skin Mooncake
2 x Blissful Berries Pu’Er Snow Skin Mooncake
2 x Japanese Citrus Yuzu Snow Skin Mooncake

To order, please click here.

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