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Why Craftholic’s Pop-Up Cafe Is Worth Queueing For

Here’s why you should brave the crowds to try this cute concept cafe

Photos: Courtesy of Craftholic & Kki Cafe

Like bees to honey, Craftholic’s first pop-up cafe in Singapore has been drawing crowds who have (understandably) fallen in love with the brand’s adorable plush toys.

The Japanese novelty label’s first pop-up cafe outside of Japan, this cafe can be found at Kki Sweets in the School of the Arts from now to 13 Nov.

Despite the long queue, we still believe the cafe is worth a visit, even if you’re not an ardent Craftholic fan. Here’s why.

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1. Everything’s Craftholic-themed

From decorated parfaits and beverages to a limited-edition pandan-flavoured scuffle cheesecake, every dish here is decorated with features of your favourite Craftholic characters.

And they look so delicious too. I’m drooling just staring at the parfaits.

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