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Chinese New Year Food Delivery And Takeaway In Singapore 2023

Add more flavours to your Chinese New Year gatherings with these delivery and takeaway items.

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1. ISSHO IZAKAYA’s Auspicious Yu Sheng

Toss to an auspicious new year with Issho Izakaya’s Auspicious Yu Sheng which is intricately decorated with the mandarin auspicious word – 吉, perfect for large glorious gatherings!

It is filled with an abundance of air-flown Norwegian salmon slices, accompanied by Issho Chef’s bespoke homemade Japanese plum sauce that is meticulously curated with hand-milled fresh plums for an excitingly sweet and zesty flavour. It is available from 6 January to 5 February 2023 for takeaway only.

To order, call the respective Issho Izakaya outlets and pay via PayNow. Pre-order one day in advance is required.

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