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4 Dishes To Try At Blue Jasmine If You Miss Thailand’s Street Food

Relish in authentic Thai food at this halal-certified joint

Photo: Blue Jasmine

It's no secret that the best Thai food comes from street vendors sprawled across the country.

But with the Thai government clamping down on some of these makeshift street hawkers, your go-to roadside stall for crispy Thai pancake might have already disappeared in a moment's notice.

Fret not, as Blue Jasmine brings a slice of bustling street food culture into a contemporary dining setting.

Located at the spanking new Park Hotel Farrer Park, the halal-certified restaurant adopts a communal dining concept.

Led by Chef Bright Kan San, the restaurant uses only herbs and spices imported from Thailand for its authentic dishes.

Here's what you should try:

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4. Mango treat

What better way to round off our gastronomic adventure of Thailand than by tucking into the classic Mango & Blue Jasmine Sticky Rice ($14)?

The dessert is presented in three delectable parts — a gentle hill of blue-stained glutinous rice, juicy Thai mango and a bowl of crispy mung bean and coconut custard.

With natural sweetness stemming from the glutinous rice and ripened mango, the custard offered the perfect creamy balance to its other two counterparts.

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