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The Wait Is Over: You Can Now Invite Llamas And Alpacas To Your Wedding

These furry four-legged creatures will definitely make your big day much more memorable

Photos: Napolean The Alpaca/ Facebook

Back in the day, you had to deal with nosy relatives and family friends during an endless wedding reception that just doesn’t seem to end.

Now, you can replace some of your guests with these adorable llamas to get some festive cheer going!

For a fee, you can invite llamas Rojo, Smokey, Diego and Jean-Pierre, or even Napolean the alpaca to guest star at your wedding.

The adorable creatures, which hail from a therapy home in Mtn Peaks, Ridgefield, are also available to participate in photo shoots and special events.


Photo: richaroo32/ Instagram

Dapper sidekicks

There will be nary a frown when these four-legged guests arrive dressed to impress in fancy top hats, floral garlands and bridal veils. They even come with jeweled cuffs around their ankles.

The star llama Rojo will be dressed as the groom, while Napolean the alpaca typically plays the bride. They’ll be on-hand to help generate loads of laughter, hugs, photos and selfies for a magical time.

Don’t worry about mayhem as the llamas have been trained to interact with humans and are more patient during photo-taking sessions than your cousin’s newborn kid. They will happily oblige with selfies and even kisses.

Photo: Rojo The Llama/ Facebook

Inviting the guests

The llamas are only available in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington — but that’s reason enough to hold your wedding overseas!

Prices start at USD$200 (SGD$276)for 1 llama and USD$300 (SGD$414) for two, and the rates increase depending on how far your furry guests have to travel and entertain guests.

All proceeds from this event go back into funding the organization’s animal therapy and education program to help get these wooly beasts settle in their homes.

Stay updated on Rojo The Llama and Napolean The Alpaca on Facebook. You can also message their page for more enquiries.