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Best Drip Bag Coffee In Singapore That Taste Like The Real Deal

Drip Coffee is the simplest way to make a cup of good coffee when you are working from home!

Although the circuit breaker has ended in Singapore, a lot of us are still working at home. For some, having a good cup of coffee is essential before they start their workday. If you do not have a coffee machine at home, and you are too lazy to head out just to get a cup of good coffee, you may consider stocking up drip bag coffee at home. All you need is a packet of drip coffee, which contains freshly grounded coffee powder.

How to prepare drip coffee:
- Remove the drip bag from the package. Slightly shake down the coffee powder. Tear apart the top of the drip bag. Open the "ears" of the bag and hang it on the cup.
- Add hot water and wait for 20 seconds. Let coffee powder fully absorb the water and blooms.
- Gently add hot water little by little.
- Remove the drip bag. (Do not over-extract the coffee or else it will taste bitter.)

Here are some drip coffee bags that we personally love:

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2. The Coffee Roaster

The Coffee Roaster is founded with a mission to create Amazing Coffee Experiences for anyone whom they are privileged to serve. They get their coffee beans anywhere around the globe from Brazil to Colombia and even to Guatemala. Other than selling them in packets and bottles, The Coffee Roaster also provides mobile barista services for all occasions, from roadshows to weddings and birthdays.

Available on www.thecoffeeroaster.sg.

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