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10 Character-Themed Mainstay And Pop-Up Cafés Currently In Singapore

How many have you ticked off your list?

It seems the fates of character-themed cafés are rather volatile. It’s either they tide through the hype and become permanent fixtures in the culinary scene, or unfortunately fizzle out, along with the demise of their adorable characters. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that pop-up cafés look to be more popular amongst business owners, where they can cash in on these fun concepts without succumbing to the possibility of being irrelevant soon after. Well, not that we’re complaining as most of them prove to be a ‘first-and-last-time’ kind of visit.

Here are 10 you should pop by before we (inevitably) welcome more next year:

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1. The Soup Spoon Union x Cartoon Network Café

Cartoon Network’s most popular characters from shows like Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time, and We Bare Bears have landed in Singapore at the Soup Spoon Union at Punggol Waterway Point. Apart from a range of exquisite character-inspired dishes and beverages, the cafe’s interior has undergone a complete refurb to bring your favourite cartoons to live. There’s even a kids’ corner for the little ones to sketch to their hearts’ content while waiting for the food to arrive!

 83 Punggol Central, B1-12, Singapore 828761

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