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5 Culinary Delights To Indulge In When At Central Japan

Fancy a cone of Wasabi soft serve?

Aside from the enchanting mix of historic and new attractions, Central Japan‘s understated prefectures of Toyama, Nagano and Gifu also entice with a whole plethora of culinary marvels. Tantalising and unique in their own right, here are five delicacies to look out for if you ever visit these three prefectures.

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1. Sushi at Miki Sushi Honten, Toyama Prefecture

The reticent facade of Toyama Prefecture could perhaps be part of a cunning scheme to conceal a really delicious secret; one which locals take so much pride in, while outsiders remain sadly oblivious to. Well, here’s the scoop: it is the prefecture’s Toyama Bay.

With melted snow, pure and undefiled, flowing from the Japanese Alps into seven large rivers, Toyama Bay is  a marine fertile haven for a diverse species of sea creatures. In other words, the bay is a treasure trove of orgasmic seafood.

Our first taste of this prized oceanic delights was at a reclusive sushi bar of Miki Sushi Honten. As a slew of sushi platters was served, we were enlightened by the Toyama Bay Sushi Project – a government support system that strings together numerous sushi establishments to promote the prefecture’s fresh seafood resources. Funded by the government, the main highlight is that the sushi offerings are made affordable, priced lower than what one may get at other major Japaneses cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

The sushi marvels at Miki Sushi Honten did not disappoint, instead they blew our mind. One in particular is the seaweed roll-up of fluffy rice and Shiro Ebi, or white shrimp. Deemed as the jewel of Toyama bay, the shrimp is small, but packs an addictive sweetness in its translucent body. Another delicacy one shouldn’t miss out is the Masu no Sushi – a freshwater trout presented wrapped in seaweed.

1-7-5 Sakura-machi, Toyama City

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