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Survive A Zombie Apocalypse On St John’s Island, Come September

Do you have what it takes to last through a massive 13-hour long zombie survival game?

Photo: Void Deck Games

Survivors, it’s time to sharpen your machetes. Oh, we mean your foam machetes.

On 2 September, Void Deck Games will be transforming St John’s Island into a zombie-infested hellhole for a truly immersive zombie survival game called Pulau Zombie.

For the next 13 hours, participants will be left stranded on the inhabited island where they are supposed to fend for themselves via scouring for weapons and forming alliances, all while being surrounded by the perils of the walking dead.

Tickets are priced from $129.90, with the Survivor category includes a chartered ferry, a meal and foam zombie blasters and weapons, while the VIP ticket, named “The Doctor”, is set at $249.90. The latter gives you the ability to ‘heal’ survivors and is immune to Patient Zero. This begs the question, what on earth is Patient Zero and should we be worried?

Other things to take note of are that you may bring your own foam blasters (you will have to clear it with the organisers first) and choose to opt out and retire earlier. Lastly, if bitten midway, you’ll just have to complete the rest of the game as an undead which, in all honesty, sounds way more fun right? Brains anyone?

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