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5 Best Themed Cafes To Visit In Singapore

2016 was indisputably the year of character and themed cafes, but which ones stood out?

Just like you, we’ve got a love-hate relationship when it comes to themed cafes.

Not all are made equally; some are photogenic at every turn but fail to deliver when it comes to satisfying the belly.

Whereas others, leave us effortlessly thrilled, whether it’s the decor or the food.

Having eaten our way through most of them, we can safely vouch that these five are worth the visit:

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1. Gudetama Cafe

It’s no wonder Gudetama’s the talk of the town. Lazy, happy-go-lucky and with a blasé attitude towards life, the egg-shaped Sanrio character resonates with our inner child. Gudetama Cafe, a collaboration between homegrown brands Joe & Dough and The Soup Spoon, features a menu that’s been co-created with bento artist Little Miss Bento.

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