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#ThirstyThursday: Does Luxury Cognac Go Well With Hawker Fare?

Rémy Martin is on the mission to cast away the ostentatious association to its spirit

A dimly-lit KTV lounge filled with very wealthy businessmen, red-faced and badly singing oldies, comes to mind when the mention of the cognac spirit. In other settings, the brandy is an indicator of power and affluence, where the prestigious either have the tipple on monumental occasions or with polished pairings such as dark chocolates pieces and cheese on crackers.

Ironically, we found ourselves huddled up at Old Changi Aiport Hawker Centre to savour the liquid gold of Rémy Martin cognacs with some Singapore hawker favourites. The goal in mind? To shine the light on the misunderstood spirit, showcasing its versatility that we all can enjoy in venues we love.

Here are five unique pairings we tried:

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5. Rémy Martin VSOP served frozen paired with oyster omelette 

The cognac isn’t served slushie style, if that’s what you’re thinking. Instead, the Rémy Martin VSOP is placed in a generic freezer to be chilled ice-cold. (Science fact: Alcohol only turns literal ice at -114°C.) Complementing our tropical weather, the cognac is easy to swallow neat, thanks to lighter and silkier texture it now embodies after being extremely chilled. This also pairs well with the smoothness of the massive oysters, while the noticeable fruit notes gel nicely with the fried egg. The greasiness of the oyster omelette ($8 for medium) is surprisingly minimal which is perfect for the refreshing ‘frozen’ VSOP.

Yi Sheng Kung Fu, #01-100, Old Airport Road Food Centre

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