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Restaurant Review: Drop By Kabuke, The Newest Sake Gastrobar In Town

A definite must for those who regularly lap up the crystal liquids of Japanese Sake

Photos: Kabuke

Hidden in a heritage shophouse along Telok Ayer Street,  Japanese gastrobar Kabuke quietly opened its doors earlier this month with lures of sumptuous delights, paired with a selection of rare Sakes.  Drawing inspiration from the classical dance-drama performance of kabuki, each dish is specially matched with the bar’s range of Sake pours to create a memorable dining experience for the curious, cosmopolitan customer. And boy, did we leave impressed.

The cultural kabuki experience begins the second we step into the gastrobar. Upon entering the bar, we were greeted by a vibe that’s rather different from the usual Japanese places we’ve been to before. Hardly conservative – something that best describes the restaurant’s interior of bold neon colours and quirky Japanese ornaments.

As the night falls, the unique lighting seemingly transforms to a more exotic shade. We felt like a part of a Wong Kar Wai movie scene, just sitting inside a seductively lit restaurant sipping on sake and nibbling on some sliders.

A standout feature of this sake bar is the fact that every single food item on the menu is labelled with a matching sake, a thoughtful gesture that is bound to score major brownie points with sake noobies like yours truly.

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Takoyaki Fries, $12

Probably the best fries we’ve ever tasted, this Takoyaki Fries is the epitome of indulgence, featuring roe, octopus, crab, seaweed, and spring onion.  The dish tasted like takoyaki balls!

Suitable sake pairing: Mukansa Honjozo Super Dry

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