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Pursuing Passion: How Social Media Personality Maybeline Sim Keeps You Reeled In

She also shares her secret to make photos more Insta-worthy

It is not an unknown fact that the digital sphere has become increasingly saturated with online key opinion leaders, from Youtubers earning millions to Singapore’s very own top blogger Xiaxue. So what keeps these so-called ‘social media influencers’ going? According to fair-skinned maiden Maybelline Sim, she loves that it is a form of self-expression via either grid on Instagram or lengthy write-ups she contributes to several lifestyle portals. And seeing how we live in an age so visually-driven, Maybelline has drawn a bit of assistance from the handy Canon EOS M100 to up her social media presence, complemented by her own bag of tricks she picked up along the way.

Taken with Canon EOS M100

We chatted with her to find out more:

How did you start out being a social media influencer? 

It was never my long-term ambition to be an online personality. Before we have all these different social media platforms, I began with just one platform which was blogging as a way to journal my life. It was just a hobby, but gradually, I realised my platform started to gain a following.

What is one thing your followers might not know about you?

I still hold a full-time day job. Whatever free time I have will go into building my social media platforms. So you can say I work round-the-clock!

Taken with Canon EOS M100

From beauty to travel, you cover a whole spectrum of genres. Is there one you like the best?

Food! And I think most Singaporeans would agree on as well! Part of my online person includes yummy perks such as attending tasting sessions at the hottest restaurants in Singapore! Thanks to the  Canon EOS M100, I’m able to capture high-quality photos of the dishes using the food photography mode that makes the colours so much more vibrant! 

Any tips for social media photography?

Aside from attention to detail and taking pictures in natural lighting, a tip of mine to achieve better visuals is to be creative! For instance, I’m not always equipped with premium tools like post-editing software or even a studio, hence it is up to me to get creative. On my time off, you can see me on the lookout for interesting settings to take outfit shots or a pretty flatlay. While some photos may require careful planning, there are others that are taken on the spur-of-the-moment which I’m always ready for as the Canon EOS M100 is lightweight and portable!

Taken with Canon EOS M100

Where do you see yourself and your social media foray in the future?

Seeing that it has become part of my life, I don’t think that I will ever give this (social media) up. Maybe in a few years, I hope to become a mommy blogger!

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