Xiaxue On Her New Reality TV Show

Will it be more “Jershey Shore” or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”?

Photos: Pamela Chow, Courtesy of NBC Universal


Thanks to her notoriously fierce online persona, Xiaxue – aka Wendy Cheng – is often regarded by many as intimidating. But strolling into the room with a bubble tea in one hand and a pastel-pink jacket in another, Wendy looks like a mini-Barbie. I pick up my camera for our shoot; she casually digs into her bag.

“Wait ah, give me a moment to check my make-up.”

But beneath her baby-pink clothing and bubbly smile, Wendy hides many talents. She soon makes her television debut with “Wendy vs the World”, a one-off reality show that follows her daily life as a mother, a daughter and one of Singapore’s most controversial social media stars.

Weekender catches Wendy for a chat about her new venture and life as she sees it.

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Hi Wendy! What have you been busy with recently?

[I’ve been doing] a lot of preparation for the show when it comes on, like with interviews. And I’ve also been very busy with Pokemon Go. [Laughs]

How often do you play Pokemon Go?

All the time, really! We’re crazy about it. My friends are all playing, so we’ll play together and go hunting for Pokemon.

How did you land your own TV show?

IFA Media approached me with the idea of a reality show that’s centered around me and my life. When we started filming it six months ago, I was very excited but nothing was concrete yet. In my heart, I was thinking, “It’s not going to come true, something might happen and the deal won’t go through.”

But now it’s finally happening and it’s so exciting!


So what snippets of your life will we get to see?

I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s going to be pretty fun. You’ll get to see my husband more, compared to how I usually write about him online. He’s a private and introverted person, but in the show, he appears quite a bit.

You’ll see my Mom, family and friends, and how I interact with people in my life. We actually went overseas to film as well. That’s pretty cool.

We’ve definitely been seeing a lot of Dash on your social media.

Nowadays, I post a bit less about him. When he was a baby, I’d take a lot of pictures, but now he’s older, he runs around everywhere and it’s so difficult to snap a proper, non-blur picture of him.

I think from 2017, I’m going to focus more on me and my career, instead of Dash, to give him more privacy as well.

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