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Legally Blonde The Musical Will Be A Hit Among Superfans Of The Original Movie

But not so much for first-time viewers

Photo: Base Entertainment Asia 

Not even a minute in and we already sat through the kickoff of blaring trumpets that quickly transited into a splitting shrill from a chorus of sorority sisters, a dizzying array of glittering costumes and blinking backdrops, and then, there were the incessant repeats of ‘Omigod, omigod, omigod’ from the opening number ‘Omigad You Guys’.

Omigod, we thought to ourselves, this is one sugar rush of a show.

Legally Blonde – The Musical and its fuschia behind has made its premiere in Singapore for the very first time, taking place at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands from now until 20 May.

The stage musical is based on the 2001  film, following the story of Elle Woods, a ditsy California dream girl, who goes to Havard Law School to win back her ex-lover’s heart, but only later finding her true calling in life.

It comes naturally that expectations are placed on the musical adaption of Legally Blonde. Aside from the original film being a Golden Globe-nominated entry for best comedy picture, the musical is without the leading lady of square-chinned Reese Witherspoon, whose endearing spunk and acting prowess could possibly be the reason behind the cult film’s success.

And with such success comes the die-hard fans of the chick flick, where giving the musical a miss is not an option. From pink-dominated colour schemes of the set to the unexpected appearance of Woods’ Chihuahua sidekick (like a real dog) Moonie, the show stays close to the original, making for a walk down memory lane for those who associate the original movie as a defining event in their lives.

However, for those first-time watchers, the musical may be hard to keep up with its inane antics and glitzy shenanigans, where certain parts sometimes borderline to just being plain annoying.

Embodying the pink-loving blonde and her fabulous frivolousness, Maris Fernandes fills the shoes of Elle Woods in the musical. Never mind that she doesn’t pull off quirk as well Witherspoon, Fernandes certainly makes up for it with her singing chop as she belts out the likes of ‘What You Want’ and ‘Legally Blonde’.

While the choreography was messy and songs sometimes not sang in harmony, most of the fast-paced musical numbers were a hoot, namely the sassy performances of ‘Bend and Snap’ and ‘Gay or European?’, where latter is declared (by us) to be the most entertaining out of them all.

In the midst of the razzle-dazzle, the musical still sends a message of feminity and self-empowerment, that it is okay to love pink and still dabble in the serious line of the law. A great takeaway for pubescent teens and even jaded grown-ups lost in the unforgiving terrains of adulting.

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