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How Does GrabShuttle For School Kids Work?

Wake up later, get to school faster

Photo: Grab

Since acquiring its ride-sharing competition Uber a few weeks back, Grab has hastened its own developments by targeting the school transportation sector.

Expanding on the existing GrabShuttle service, Grab offers an alternative transportation option for not only students from primary schools to tertiary institutions, but also the school staff. The new service rivals conventional school buses or public transportation as it is touted to be more convenient and flexible, cutting down the travelling time by half.

Today, this extension in the form of GrabShuttle for Schools provides safe and convenient transportation for school children and staff, while meeting the demands of parents who want their children to have a shorter journey to school,”  said Alvin Wee, Head of GrabShuttle Singapore. “By listening to consumer demand and leveraging data analytics to design the most efficient routes, children can get more sleep each day, while allowing parents to save time in their daily morning routine.”

So how does the new service work?

For starters, parents and school staff will have to head to the Grabshuttle webpage to submit their requests for the desired routes. They can indicate the preferred vehicle, ranging from a regular 13- and 23-seater GrabShuttle vehicles to the premium four-seater taxis. Opting for the taxi service provides more flexibility to the drop-off points on different days, where students can alight at an alternative destination within a five-kilometer radius from the original drop-off point, such as a daycare center of a guardian’s place, at no additional charge.

Competitive transportation fares 

It is reported that traditional bus operators charge from $100 to $200 monthly for two-way trips, depending on the distance. With the GrabShutter service, fares start from $130 per month and follow a nine-month payment schedule. All users will have to pay a one-month deposit, while the minimum commitment to the service is two months.

But are school kids in safe hands?

It looks like it as drivers of this new service will go through rounds of screening and be trained to handle younger children. All vehicles will be equipped with seat belts and are covered under commercial insurance to ensure users travel with peace of mind.

To submit your desired route for the new service, head to GrubShuttle Webpage here