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Follow these 5 Halloween looks and you may become the next Halloween Party Queen!

It feels like competition during Halloween every year as more and more people are dressing to match the festival.

We are only two weeks away to Halloween and we think that a lot of us put in more effort for it as compared to Christmas and Valentines’ as we do not dress up as someone else during the two festivals.

Who have got the prettiest makeup? Who is in trend this Halloween? And of course, who is the real party queen?!

Now, let us introduce you five different Halloween looks that will help you rock the party.

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2. The Little Mermaid

Since humans can’t breathe underwater and enjoy the immense amount of freedom we can get down under. It is not a bad idea to dress up as The Little Mermaid, the princess of the sea for Halloween.

You can choose to DIY your own costume or rent it from a costume shop in Singapore. But to look like Ariel after putting on the costume, click on the tutorial video above and follow Madelaine step by step!

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