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#BucketList: Hug Some Otters While You Are In Tokyo

When cats and dogs cafe are too conventional… You look for a cafe that allows you to play with otters instead.

Credit: kyodonews

Japan has the most unconventional cafes, from sugar sliders cafe to hedgehogs cafe, you name it, they have it. However, it has brought to our attention that you can now play with otters in one of the otter cafes too.

Located at Tokyo, Harry Harajuku Terrace Cafe has cuddly toy chinchillas, otters, rabbits and hedgehogs for you to snuggle and play.

The cafe do not serve food but you can bring your own food and drinks into the cafe as long as they do not contain alcohol.

As the animals can be quite playful, they will not provide any refund or take any responsibility for an infection, allergy reaction or ripped clothings. If you are allergic to fur, do consult your doctor before heading over.

The animals are mostly friendly and playful as long as you do not get too rough or aggressive with them.

Chinchillas tend to enjoy being handled as long as its gentle, while otters are known to be very playful. Hand them a toy and they will be entertained by it for hours.

Do not be decived by the cute appearance. We heard that the otters may chew on your clothes too! But then again, how can you ever get angry at such a cute face?

Hedgehogs on the other hand, enjoys being stoked, but like humans, the characteristics boils down to the individual personality of the animal.

Whether you are there for the animals or for some Instagram-worthy shots, we are sure that you will step out of the cafe with a smile.  If you are looking for a place to destress in Tokyo, add Harry Harajuku Terrace Cafe to your itinerary!

Zinguumae426 3F,4-26-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001

Operating Hours
11:00 -19:00
Reception of the Hedgehog cafe is open until one hour before closing time.

30min for 1,400yen
Hedgehog snack can be bought at 500yen.

For more information on Harry Harajuku Terrace Cafe, or if you would like to make a reservation prior to your trip, please click here.