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An Elevated Dining Experience at Hans Im Gluck

Known for their vast choices of gourmet burgers, Hans Im Gluck redefines the gourmet dining experience in Singapore.

The German burger grill that we have known and loved is adding ten new flavors into its plethora of options, ensuring that there is plenty of selection to satisfy each and everyone’s cravings.

Hans Im Gluck is not your usual restaurant. With its garden-like interior that resembles a German forest with actually imported trees and German-made oak furniture, we can expect nothing less from the new ELEVATED MENU.


Amongst the myriad of choices is the LANDGOCKEL ($17++), which artfully combines a perfectly-grilled tender chicken breast with mushroom and sunny-side-up egg that adds a distinct richness into the flavour for that woody, earthy taste.


Perfect for the hardcore carnivore is the KRAFTPAKET ($17++). A soulful blend of the juicy beef patty covered in a perfect black pepper crust, the Kraftpaket is a powerhouse of flavour. As if the burger gods have not blessed us enough, Kraftpaket can also be enjoyed with strips of crispy bacon and a sunny-side-up egg that puts you into a blissful state of food coma.


For the more health-conscious individuals, the BEHERZTER ($18++) is a slice of gold, literally. A balance of diverse flavours, this healthy option is the first in Singapore to incorporate a slice of gold into the food. Fit for royalty, yet healthy on the belly. This new vegan burger is seasoned with BBQ sauce and crispy fried onions adding to its richness in flavour.


Also, a notable addition is their SCHAFHIRTE ($16++). For the fiery individual, this must-try burger is the result of a harmonious marriage of olive patty and feta cheese. Add some spice into your dining experience with this new flavour seasoned with red pepper sauce.

For the bread options, Hans Im Gluck is continuing on with its vow to provide an alternative to foodies. For those monitoring their blood sugar levels, a sourdough bun is your best bet. On the other hand, for those looking for a source of fibre and healthy fats, the multigrain bread is a safe option. If you’re feeling a little more on the daring side, try their ‘naked’ burger, which is essentially the meat and a healthy serving of salad.

What is a better way to complete your meal than to add a side dish? HANS IM GLUCK offers an all-day set menu option for all diners, simply top up $5 for a non-alcoholic set or $9 for alcoholic set meal.

Both set meals comes with a burger, one side dish, one hot beverage and either a Thirst Quencher (non-alcoholic set) or a German draft beer or cocktail (alcoholic set).

ORIGINAL Raspberry Basil

Finish off the coma-inducing meal with the THIRST QUENCHER starting from an additional $9. You get an array of choices from German draft beer in the signature stone mug, a cocktail or a hot beverage. Either that, you can opt to have the ORIGINAL RASPBERRY-BASIL, a refreshing mix of sweet and sour flavour or raspberry topped with hints of basil. This drink will leave you revitalised.

If raspberry is not your thing, then try the EISTEE FOREST BERRY & CUCUMBER. An ode to its German roots, this drink celebrates the rich flavour of sweet forest berries that is equally as refreshing.