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Amazing Hokkaido Restaurant Serves Amazing Food!

If you love your beer and Hokkaido food, Amazing Hokkaido Singapore will be a great after-work hangout place for you.

Amazing Hokkaido serves fresh seafood that is specially flown in directly from Hokkaido. The restaurant sits 100 diners and it is decorated with colorful fabric and posters of Hokkaido all around the world, reminding you of a bustling izakaya in Japan.  The windows are also plastered with a huge sticker featuring a rice bowl with overflowing ikura.

When the Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl ($39++) is served, the staffs will beat the drums and chant “Yoisho! Yoisho!” as they scoop out the roes from the bowl that they are holding. Be prepared for all the attention that you may get if you are intending to order the rice bowl.

Muroran Yakitori

Another item that you should not miss when you are at Amazing Hokkaido is their Muroran Yakitori ($3.90++). Although yakitori refers to grilled chicken skewer, their Muroran Yakitori is a grilled pork and onion skewer. The disk is originated 80 years ago from Toriyoshi, a classic grill restaurant in Hokkaido and we promise you that the meat will melt in your mouth with every bite.

Melty 7 Kinds of tsukuba

The Melty 7 Kinds of tsukuba ($28.90++) are served with a variety of toppings such as mental mayo, fondue cheese and wasabi. Even though they are very flavorful, the original skewer is still our favourite. If you are feeling adventurous, try the Bibai Yakitori ($4.90++) that features chicken breast, gizzard, liver, and heart.

Hokkaido Wagyu Steak

Enjoy a fiery performance when you order the Hokkaido Wagyu Steak ($23.90++). The steak is presented on a lava stone plate and watch the staff set it to fire when it arrives at your table.

Assorted Hokkaido Fresh Sashimi

Seafood lovers can reach out for the Assorted Hokkaido Fresh Sashimi ($69.90) that is served on a winding staircase structure. The platter includes sashimi favourites such as tuna akami, fatty tuna, scallop, sweet shrimp and sea urchin.

Pirate Highballs

As mentioned, you can unwind yourself after a long tiring day at work at Amazing Hokkaido. Complete your meal with a cup of 1 liter of Pirate Highballs ($18.90++). Try your hand at getting some free drinks with the Highball Dice Game. Mark this place for your next hangout session with your buddies!

Amazing Hokkaido Singapore is located at 30 Robertson Quay #01-16, Riverside View, Singapore 238251

A Chinese version of the article appeared here.