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8 Things About Ang Bao You Do Not Know

You either give or receive Ang Baos every year. But how much do you know about them?

1. Do you know that Ang Bao should always end with an even digit?

Have you received Ang Bao in an odd digit number such as $5 or $7 before? If your answer is yes, the person probably does not know that odd-numbered Ang Bao is more commonly associated with funerals.

2. Ang Bao is being used in many cultures

We always thought that giving out Ang Bao is a Chinese cultural thing. But do you know that countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam uses Ang Bao as well? Even the Green Ang Bao that our Malay friends use is adapted from the Chinese Culture!

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3. The amount inside does not really matter

Okay, maybe for the even number part, it does.

Ang Baos are meant to be given as a token of good wishes. So it does not really matter if your parents are giving you a $2 Ang Bao or $200 Ang Bao as all the parents want the best for their children. No?

4. Do newlyweds have to start giving out Ang Bao right after their marriage? 

Some said yes, while most said no. There is a convention in Singapore that newlyweds do not have to give out any Ang Bao in the first year of marriage. However, it is up to the couple’s comfort level should they decide to give or not.

5. There is no age limit to receiving an Ang Bao from relatives

It does not matter how old you are, and if you are married or not. It is entirely up to your own family, as well as the nature of the relationship. For example, your parents maybe give you an Ang Bao every year even though you are married as a symbol of good wishes.

6. It is RUDE to open an Ang Bao in front of people

This is not about unwrapping Christmas gifts and birthday presents.

Some children who are insensitive may make some noise about the amount received. But then again, kids are kids. Don’t we all love their innocence?

7. Ang Baos used to be just a thread of coins with red string

Well, this is quite predictable since you can still find Chinese decorations like this in Chinatown! It is easier to pack Ang Baos than threads of coins anyway!

8. There is a proper way to give and receive Ang Bao

Other than expressing thanks and well wishes, always use two hands to receive your Ang Bao as a gesture of respect.

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