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5 Activities To Do In New Zealand On Your First Visit

New Zealand is a country packed with so many adventures that you will never be able to cover it all in a single visit.

To maximise your visit, here are some things to do to fully experience the country.

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1. Swim with the dolphins at Kaikoura

There are not many reasons to get up at 4 am in New Zealand. But here is one especially if you are an animal lover. Kaikoura, a small South island in New Zealand is home to the Dusky Dolphin. Dusky Dolphins are a particular species of dolphins that can only grow up to a maximum of two meters long in length and they are known to be the most lively of all dolphins. At Kaikoura, these wild dolphins will never get tired swimming and performing their highly skilled acrobats for you in their natural environment. Unlike many tours where you can only glance upon the sea wildlife from afar, you get to come up close with these lovely creatures. It is well known that they would even approach boats; if you are lucky, you can even snap a wefie with them! This is definitely one way to create an unforgettable memory in New Zealand.

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