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10 Gorgeous And Unique Airbnbs You’ll Have To See To Believe

Airbnb hosts are definitely giving full-fledged hotels and hostels a run for their money

What does your dream home look like? With the advent of the sharing economy, people are increasingly open to the idea of staying in someone's home. While many of these homes are run of the mill, there are those that are all in a league of their own. From breathtaking treehouses to secluded cabins, we sussed out some of the most unique (and no less beautiful) Airbnbs around the world.

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2. Romantic Bus in the forest, North Carolina, USA

The beautifully converted bus is nestled in a pine forest at the crest of a ridge overlooking the Black Mountains. According to the host, the plot of land they live on is so secluded that they rarely see or hear their neighbours.

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