Restaurant Review: Moosehead Kitchen-Bar Brings Global Street Food To Its Tables

Fried artichokes, anyone?

Photos: Moosehead Kitchen-Bar/ Weekender

It is always a gallant move when a restaurant attempts to reinterpret rustic street food into polished variants in its mainstay menu.


Here, Moosehead’s Chef Seumas Smith gave this endeavour a whirl and succeeds without a hitch, giving us culinary creations from not only our local streets, but the world. Even then, one thing’s remains consistent as diners stride through the streets via their taste buds – the Mediterranean flair that the Telok Ayer restaurant is known for.

Burrata ($21)

First off, whet your appetite with the Hokkaido scallop crudo ($21), whereupon first glance may resemble an Asian broth, but in fact, it’s a marination of ponzu wasabi and yuzu for the scallops to luxuriate in. Pickled green apple slices and shiso leaves are then topped off for the finishing touches. For something a little more hearty, look to the Burrata dish ($21) – a dish that is indeed a party of flavours and textures. You’ll get a generous portion of burrata cheese laid on a bed of pesto made with Thai basil, before sprinkled with a mix of crunchy pickled zucchini and aromatic curry leaves deep-fried till crispy.


Fried artichokes ($12) 

The vegetarian lifestyle just got a little more enticing with Moosehead’s fried artichokes, which is also our favourite dish during this ‘street walk’. Clearly seasoned to induce a waterfall of salivary glands, the artichoke quarters are fried tempura style and comes with a terrific taramasalata – a Geek meze further topped with fish roe. Another terrific food item is the Octopus ($30), fished out from the waters of New Zealand and then fried and coated with a piquant red pepper sauce. Fried potato chunks are also thrown in for good measure. 

Grilled Lamb Chops ($42)

To fulfil your carnivorous craving, order the Grilled Lamb Chops ($42), featuring the shoulder rack of Australian lamb that yields bigger portion and boasts better flavours, according to Chef Seumas. Brined and then sous-vide, the lamb, while gamy on its own, is further elevated with a seven-spice rub before lightly grilled. You may require a considerable amount of jaw action to chow down the rather tough meat due to the cut. Romesco sauce is served alongside the chops.

A satisfying round-off to the street food journey is the sweet delights of Chocolate mousse, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream laid on a bed of chocolate soil and candied peanut clusters ($10), and banana ice cream paired with salted caramel foam and coffee cookie crumble ($10). They will leave you yearning for more.

Address: 110 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068579
Tel: 6636 8055
Operating Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm; 6pm – 10:30pm (Monday – Friday); 6pm – 10 30pm (Saturday); Closed on Sundays


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