#BucketList: Have Breakfast With Giraffes At The Giraffe Manor In Kenya

Your dining companions are pretty tall

This bed and breakfast’s massive windows are flung open not only for Kenya’s breathtaking scene of grassy plains and the bluest skies. In actual fact, they act as an invitation for the country’s long-legged beauties to poke their necks in to steal bits of your breakfast with their slippery plum-hued tongues.

Welcome to the Giraffe Manor – a 12-room boutique hotel that is situated near the Giraffe Centre that takes care of 10 giraffes.

From its vine-covered facade to every nook and cranny of the interior, the manor’s beauty is further complemented by the finest details, such as the towels and napkin ring, that reflect the culture of Kenya. Aside the opulence, a stay at the hotel is truly an intimate experience like no other for it sits on a private own 12-acre land within a 140-acre forest.

But of course, it is the family of Rothschild giraffes that is undoubtedly the main draw of the Giraffe Manor.

In the early mornings and mid-afternoons, the giraffes are said to come lumbering close to the building as they know it is the time where guests will have buckets of grass pellets to feed them. Guests living in the front-facing rooms might get to feed giraffes through the windows. Mornings especially, the gentle giants, while still wild animals, are so harmless that they stick their heads in the windows to lick your plates clean or feast whatever you have in hand.

As with big-ticket East African experiences, expect hefty prices for a night-stay at the Giraffe Manor, starting from USD$565 per person. However, the price includes everything – meal, drinks, transportation to and fro, wifi and more.

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