4 Perfect Christmas Getaway Destinations

It is not too late to book a flight out of Singapore for Christmas.

Here are 4 interesting Christmas getaway ideas for you. We are sure that some of these destinations can easily fit into your bucket list.

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1. Walk Japan’s Winter Wonderland

Singaporeans need not travel to the North Pole to be immersed in a winter wonderland; Japan’s central Alps region is a region that records some of the heaviest snowfalls found anywhere on Earth each year. The snow quality is different as well. You can play in soft powdery snow when you are there.


Home to ethereal, secluded shrines covered in frost, snow-layered charming inns, with top-class local cuisine and onsen hot spring bath, Walk Japan takes you on a snowshoeing tour which provides an intimate experience of life in a winter wonderland that can only be accessed using snowshoes.

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