5 Crazy Drink Towers Around Singapore

Because why have a beer tower when you can have a teh peng tower?

By Pamela Chow

Photo: Srisun Express / Facebook

The famous milo tower of Serangoon Gardens has been making its rounds online, but as history has shown, hunger and thirst know no limits.

If you can fill a beer tower with milo, you can fill it with any drink - and these eateries have. Here are five other drink towers that will have you craving them by the end.

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2. Teh peng tower

Open all day, every day, Srisun Express sells many types of drinks in 3l tall towers (at this point we should just call them skyscrapers). Towers start from $10 each, with flavours like teh peng (seen above).

Srisun Express has two outlets: the original one at Kovan and the newer one at Serangoon. The Indian eatery has even held drink tower competitions.

Srisun Express (Kovan), Blk 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-343

Srisun Express (Serangoon Gardens), 56 Serangoon Garden Way

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