Vietnam Has A ‘Haw Par Villa’ You Can Stay In

If Tinkerbell sprinkled some of her fairy dust over Haw Par Villa, you’d get this

Photos: simonovstas /


In Singapore, you can visit the Court of Hell in Haw Par Villa and walk among the demons. In Vietnam, you can dine and spend the night with them.

This ten-bedroom hotel in Da Lat, Vietnam, looks like what would happen if a surrealist artist took a trip to Disneyland and then gave Haw Par Villa a makeover. The Hằng Nga Guesthouse, popularly called the “Crazy House”, draws influence from eccentric artists Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi, as well as from Disney’s castle.


Its themed rooms are filled with eccentric handcrafted furniture, with stairs and corridors resembling the inside of a tree or a cave. The rooms include a tiger room, featuring a giant tiger with glowing red eyes; a kangaroo room with a sculpted kangaroo harbouring a fireplace in its belly; and an eagle room, where the fireplace is nestled in a giant egg.

Check out the inside here: