10 Alternative Places To Visit In Bangkok

Visit some of the city's lesser-known attractions that are as equally exciting

The capital of Thailand has always served as an ideal destination for quick getaways and long-haul vacations by our countrymen. Because with a flight time that takes as long as a polyclinic queue,  who can blame them?

But being a well-seasoned Bangkok-trotter comes with its own first-world problems. Platinum Mall is starting to bore out your wit's end, or perhaps you don't feel as stimulated after the 100th massage at Healthland. To put it simply, Bangkok is starting to become a bit of a humdrum and you're itching to ignite that very same spark on your first visit to the Land Of Smiles.

Fret not as we compiled a list of places that are, sort of, off the beaten path to get you obsessed with Bangkok all over again:

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Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon Screens

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10. Catch a movie in a glitzy cinema

We have seen the Gold Class and Platinum Class seats in Singapore’s cinemas, but they pale in comparison to that in Bangkok.

One example would be the Bangkok Airways’ Blue Ribbon Screens. The cinema is filled with reclining armchairs that rivals an actual bed, complete with provided pillows and blankets. Our only gripe is that one may succumb to a bit of shuteye and miss out the movie entirely!  So we suggest you get a cup of coffee to keep yourself awake! Opting for a package also includes a complimentary drink (a glass of champagne, perhaps?), a snack, and a 15-minute massage.

While its cost of a 1100THB (SG$45) is more than a Gold Class ticket in Singapore, the movie experience is something worth a bit of splurging!

Location: Paragon Cineplex, 991 Siam Paragon Shopping Center 5th Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 12mn daily

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