5 Things To Do In Europe Aside From Hunting For The Northern Lights

Don't just spend all your energy chasing after the elusive Aurora Borealis


To catch a glimpse of the psychedelic Northern Lights may just be on the bucket list of every avid traveller. Rightfully so, as the natural phenomenon is the closest to something so otherworldly that only seeing is believing.

And if the Northern Lights-seeing is on your 2018 travel agenda, LGE Travel has gotten you covered with its 12-Day Let's Go Aurora Finland & Norway + Hurtigruten Cruise, where you'll embark on a Northen Lights hunt at Tromsø, the city of Norway. A guide-cum-photographer will guide you during excursion so as to ensure that you see the lights, including having the moment captured so that you can keep forever.

But it is unwise to be blinded by your steel resolve of catching the Aurora Borealis and disregard the other beautiful features the countries of Finland and Norway have to offer.

So for a well-rounded vacation, here are five other highlights to look out for when in these European countries.

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2. Visit the birthplace of Santa Claus 

Ever wondered the origins of the man with the bag? Then head to the Santa Claus Village at Rovaniemi where it is Christmas year-round! At this charming town, you can post a postcard, stamped with a special Arctic Circle symbol, from the Main Post Office to a loved one, cross the Arctic Circle that comes with a certification of completion, and ride on a reindeer sledge to earn your official ‘Reindeer Driver’s License’.

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