10 Spots To See Cherry Blossoms In Japan Where The Locals Do

Count on the locals to know where are the beautiful yet little known places

Another year, another spring, another chance to witness beautiful sakura flowers come into bloom. We’ve got our very own pink and white paradise at Gardens by the Bay this year, and we’re lucky to have even more cherry blossoms to marvel at not too far away from us in Japan. If you’re traveling to Japan, you may find that you can easily follow the crowds to a popular cherry blossom viewing spot. The tougher question is, where are the places where you can see beautiful blooms and still be able to enjoy them intimately, away from the crowds? They are not hard to find; you just need to know who to ask. The local residents of Japan themselves have recommended the following 10 hidden gems to give you that unique, magical cherry blossom viewing experience.

Mark down the locations and make your plans now, because the sakura season in Japan is so nearly here!

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1. Yotsuya Sakura Park Walk, Tokyo

The Yotsuya railway station and the Yotsuya neighbourhood got on our radar ever since we saw it featured in the popular Japanese anime movie Your Name (also known as Kimi No Na Wa). Now, knowing that it contains a whole sakura park gives us even more reason to visit Yotsuya! If you’re shopping at Shinjuku, do visit Yotsuya just nearby. The park path and its rows of cherry blossoms run along the railway train track, towards the north end of Yotsuya station; so if you don’t find time to stop, don’t forget to look out the window of your train past Yotsuya, along the Marunouchi Line. Local residents have said that going past the blooms on the train is an even more magical sight than on the park grounds.

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