7 Underrated Destinations In Japan To See Cherry Blossoms

Nothing says pretty in pink like the bloom of cherry blossoms

From end-March to early-May, most parts of Japan will turn into a glorious shade of pink, thanks to the sought-after cherry blossom season! But with such a sight to behold comes the throngs of people, all with a mission to achieve the picture perfect Instagram shot. To beat the masses, here are seven underrated spots that may not reel as many tourists, so as your cherry blossom-watching can go on without a hitch.

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Photo: Homeaway 

7. Maruyama Park, Kyoto Prefecture 

In the first half of April, over 1,700 wild cherry trees are abloom at the Maruyama Park. Standing tall is a towering weeping cherry tree, also a centerpiece of the park, which is lighted up at night. While most would spend their time frolicking through the park, you can also visit the nearby Muryama Zoo and Wild Forest, where you can marvel at the wildlife with cherry blossoms all around.

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