7 Reasons To Get A Travel Reward Credit Card

Why frequent travellers should swap out regular credit cards for a card that provides travel rewards

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Photo: Shutterstock

Thanks to technological advancement, the world is indeed our oyster. We can have chicken rice in Singapore, then proceed to have paella in Spain on the very same day.


Frequent fliers should sign up for travel reward credit cards instead of just sticking with a basic card. Not only do you get a sizable sign-up bonus in the form of miles, here are five other benefits to getting the right travel credit card before you jet set around the world.


1. Earn miles

The biggest draw of travel credit cards is that it allows you to earn miles for your day-to-day expenses. Depending on the card, a certain amount spent is translated to miles that can be redeemed for free flights or upgrades.

Certain credit cards also give more miles when you make travel-related bookings on that card or bonus miles once you hit a certain amount in annual spending.


2. Airport lounge access

Most travel credit cards provide complimentary access to airport lounges around the world. This is particularly important for flights with long layovers. These lounges come equipped with comfy seats, free Wi-Fi, phones, and snacks so you can relax in style during your next layover.

3. Travel insurance

A good travel credit card will provide free travel insurance when you charge your flight ticket to the card. This includes coverage in case of any travel accidents, medical emergencies or travel inconveniences.

4. Go cash free

Travel credit cards can be used almost anywhere in the world to make payment for your hotels, shopping or dining expenses. Some credit cards also give more miles for overseas spending. However, credit card fraud tends to be more prevalent overseas as well. Be vigilant and ensure that your card is not being charged for purchases you did not make.

5. No foreign transaction fee

Many credit cards have a hidden 2-3% fee when you swipe abroad. Since travel credit cards incentivise overseas spending, this fee is waived. Some banks also provide worldwide cash withdrawal at ATM machines, giving you instant access to cash.

6. Miles won’t expire

Unlike other reward programmes, a good travel credit card will offer miles that never expire. Accumulate miles with peace of mind and save up to splurge on that first class air ticket.

Pick the right travel credit card and you could soon be flying more comfortably and frequently, for less.



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