7 Festivals In The Region For The Rest Of 2018 Worth Jetting Off To

Come for the festivities, stay for the culture

Sometimes we’re just itching to go on a holiday, but we can’t decide when or where to go. That’s when we create a global calendar and start planning a trip around festivals, big events and celebrations. Attending a festival overseas is a great way to experience the local culture and traditions up close, with the locals themselves.

And who says the most happening festivals are in Europe or the US? If you’re on a budget, Asia and Oceania are popping with lively celebrations. For every Coachella and Oktoberfest, we have a Wonderfruit and Tokyo Ramen Show to keep us grooving and salivating. So pull up your own global calendar and get ready to mark these dates down!

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Photo: Time Out Japan

3. Tokyo Ramen Show

Where: Tokyo, Japan

When: 26 October – 5 November

Get ready to take your ramen addiction to the next level in its home country! The iconic Japanese noodle soup is the main focus of this popular food festival, which takes over Tokyo’s Komazawa Olympic Park. Join millions of locals and visitors to savour different types of ramen from all over Japan, offered by 36 vendors over 11 days. Some of the dishes are exclusive collaborations between famous restaurants just for the festival! While you slurp that steaming bowl of ramen, live music and entertainment add to the lively atmosphere. It’s the 10th anniversary of the show this year, so there might be some surprises too. Best part of it is, entry to the event is free and each bowl of ramen isn’t too pricey either, at 850yen (about S$10)!

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