5 Places You Can Visit When You Traverse Across Switzerland Via Train

All aboard the train of adventure!


There’s something about getting on a train that makes a journey just more exhilarating. On top of that, you can enjoy a seamless travel while lounging in cushy seats and savouring breathtaking views through the sprawling carriage windows. With EU Holidays‘ 10D7N Grand Train Tour, you can acquaint yourself with the natural and historical highlights of Switzerland that will definitely make one for the memories.

Here are five of them you’ll get to visit during this illustrious tour:

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1. Lucerne 

From natural wonders of a single cobalt lake and glacial portholes to architectural gems such as candy-coloured houses and the iconic Chapel Bridge, the central city of Switzerland is truly a sight to behold. With views sought after by royalty back in the 19th century, Lucerne is dotted with well-preserved medieval attractions and trimmed by a mountainous panorama, which definitely makes for an indulgent trip of self-discovery.

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