5 National Dishes To Try On Your Travels

Celebrating the iconic cuisine of the countries that share Singapore's birthday month

Photos: Zuji

This August, Singapore celebrated its 51st birthday with a rousing return to the newly minted National Stadium — and who can forget — locally flavoured and newfangled creations offered by restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

Yet, when it comes to discussion on our National Dish, classic contenders like chili crab and chicken rice come up tops.

As homage to our relentless love for food, here are five other National Dishes from around the world that you ought to try on your travels, courtesy of Zuji.

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5. Ecuador

National day: 10 August

Dish: Cuy

You’ve heard that right, Ecuador’s national dish ‘cuy’ is a guinea pig fried to a crisp.

While many of us adore our cuddly furry friends, the Ecuadorian people serve ‘cuy’ as an honorary gesture. The dish is usually reserved for major events such as weddings and their National day.

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