3D flight strategy game launched by airline


A new 3D flight strategy game for iOS and Android has been launched by an airline, giving players the experience of what it’s like to manage one

Aviation Empire is a complete flight strategy game where players invest in a fleet, build a network with international destinations and develop their own airports.

Game & App Dynamics

This new 3D flight strategy game for iOS and Android gives players a realistic experience of what it is like to manage an airline. The game combines the digital world with the real world: using real-life GPS check-in, players can unlock close to 70 airports in Aviation Empire.

In-app purchases make it possible for players to expand and personalise their fleets. They can also play across tablet and smartphone (if on the same platform) devices.

Interactive with Social Media

Aside from earning game credits, players are also rewarded with badges. By logging in with a social media account, they can share their achievements. Leader boards display players’ positions in the world and in relation to their friends.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Monpellier Venture and Little Chicken Game Company developed the game in close cooperation. The Aviation Empire Facebook page ( connects players to KLM, the game developers and to one another.

KLM is the first airline to allow players to experience what it is like to manage an airline via a game.



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