Where to Get Affordable Cheongsam for Chinese New Year in Singapore

Have you planned your Chinese New Year outfits? You can never go wrong with Cheongsam!

Take your pick from these 7 affordable and chic boutiques.

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Gingko It-On (Blue) Women’s Dres, S$129.00
Gingko It-On (Blue) Reversible Flared Sleeves Cheongsam, S$79.00

2. Maison Q

Maison Q has a family collection of cheongsam. What do we mean by family? It means that your kid and other half can be dressed in the same prints as you!

Their “What the Ox Heard” is a festive collection comprising fun and cheerful prints inspired by their favourite children’s books. The collection features our own set of curious characters. There is the lead – Fantastic Mr Ox, a goofy cutie set in scallop, Pandamania the lovable monochromatic creature, the cheeky Lucky Cat and the elegant Flirtatious Peacock. Each, exuberant in personality and dazzling in style.

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