#WeekenderTries: This French ‘Breakfast Cream’

Prep your skin with this lightweight daily cream power-packed with essential nutrients for the skin 

Photos: Courtesy of Methode Jeanne Piaubert 

I’m a very lazy woman. I find layering skincare really tedious. Not to mention that waking up early is already a war, and I don’t have much time to spare.

Therefore when the opportunity arose to try the new Methode Jeanne Piaubert Skin Breakfast Essential Daily Face Care cream ($108), I was satisfied to know that just one cream alone is enough to prep my skin for the day ahead.


MJP Skin Breakfast Essential Day Care, $108


This cream hydrates and protects your skin every morning against external attacks thanks to chrono-nutrition, which gives the skin what it needs at the optimum time of the day.

The core formula is reinforced by the smoothing qualities of kiwi fruit. The formula is rich and lightweight, which is the perfect “breakfast” for thoroughly cleansed skin in the morning.


After applying my toner, I used a cotton bud to swab out a pea-sized amount of cream. The cream had a light pinkish colour and felt smooth to the touch.

I first used to dab it on my forehead, T-Zone, cheeks and chin. Next, I slowly used a circular motion method to rub it into my skin. While applying the product, it had a light citrus-tinged scent that was pleasant to smell. The cream felt rich to the touch but quickly and evenly spread out onto my face easily.

I placed the cream to the outdoor test by doing a Sunday morning run outside. With the heat, I expected the cream to melt onto my face, leaving blotches and patches. However to my surprise, it was already well absorbed in and therefore had minimal blotching issues.

Next morning I did the AC test, where I stayed in an air conditioned surrounding for more than four hours. My skin was still quenched from its dose of morning “breakfast” and was supple to touch. It only started to feel dry after the fourth hour.

Now, my morning routine is simplified and much easier to keep up with. Just tone and hydrate my skin with this lightweight, non-greasy cream and then move on to my makeup steps. Fuss-free and more free time for myself to enjoy a breakfast before work.

The Methode Jeanne Piaubert Skin Breakfast Essential Daily Face Care is now available exclusively at Tarabliss Spa.