10 Weird Happenings Thanks To Pokemon Go

Finding a Meowth under your desk is tame compared to these incidents

By Pamela Chow; Featured image: NickMastodon / Twitter

The lot of us haven't so much as laid eyes on the Pokemon Go app icon yet, and already we're inundated with news and weird happenings that occurred thanks to the viral mobile game.

If you don't want to read through all the articles about Pokemon Go but are still somehow curious about what strange things could happen, here are 10 that already have.

Take these incidents as cautionary tales for when Pokemon Go finally launches in Singapore. Whenever that might be.

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5. Government agency hops on the bandwagon

State-run LA Metro was quick to join the fun, setting up a separate Twitter account dedicated to giving players tips on where to capture Pokemon at stops or inside trains.

You can follow the account at @PokemonGOMetro. Someone alert LTA, SMRT and SBS!

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