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Improve Your Fitness Levels At These 4 Boot Camps

Embrace the great outdoors as you work up a sweat with fellow boot campers

By Samantha Francis; Cover Photo: UFIT

If the movies are anything to go by, boot camps are the activity du jour for the likes of army men, brides-to-be and those looking to shed pounds under the strict guidance of a burly trainer.

In reality, boot camps are a lot less intimidating and more about achieving fitness goals in an encouraging and highly motivational community.

Here are four boot camps that offer a breath of fresh air in the fitness scene, with themed exercise sessions — from cardio to yoga — held at scenic outdoor locales and led by qualified trainers.


Better Bodies Boot Camp – Circuit Training In Outdoor Spaces


If the gym environment bores you, a boot camp like Better Bodies Boot Camp is a great alternative to whip yourself into shape. (Photo: Better Bodies Boot Camp)

If the gym environment bores you, a boot camp like Better Bodies Boot Camp is a great alternative to whip yourself into shape. Appropriate for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, the sessions aim to jumpstart your fitness goals and keep you motivated along the way.

A typical hour-long session can include speed and agility drills, core conditioning, walking or jogging, strength training and circuit courses. All of which are conducted in a variety of breezy outdoor venues such as the lush greenery of Botanical Gardens and the track and field arena at the Ministry of Education Sports & Recreation Club.

One can expect to see some weight loss and reduction of body fat, along with increased stamina and cardiovascular fitness, after about eight weeks of boot camp. Prices start from $150 for six weeks (one session a week) with drop in-s at $35.

Find out more at bootcamp.com.sg.


Simon Pink Fitness – Unlimited Boot Camp Sessions


(Photo: Simon Pink Fitness)

“No one ever leaves my boot camps not smiling!”, quips Simon Pink, trainer at the eponymous boot camp.

For a fixed $100 a month, boot campers can join unlimited training sessions, held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm. Each hour-long session is divided into two 30-minute sessions. The first part focuses on body-transforming strength and resistant exercises, while the latter concentrates on cardio, core work and cooling down.

Participants can expect to be challenged, as Pink likes to keep up the intensity throughout the session. By building off the camaraderie of fellow participants, the group as a whole can be inspired to push harder towards their fitness goals.

Boot campers are encouraged to commit to 1-on-1 training for eight weeks before joining the group sessions. By the end of these eight weeks, they should see significant improvement in their fitness levels.

Find out more at fb.com/simonfitness.


UFIT – Yoga, Boxing And HIIT Boot Camps


UFIT organises Beach Boot Camps, which are held at Tanjong Beach Club. (Photo: UFIT)

Think boot camps are solely for those looking to lose weight? Think again. For UFIT, these sessions may be great calorie burners but they are a fun experience too. The sense of community is also evident, seeing how 95% of their participants are returning students from previous sessions.

UFIT’s variety of boot camps as almost diverse as what you’d find offered in a gym. Created to suit all fitness levels, the sessions include HIITfit, Boxfit, Yogafit, Quickfit, Runfit, Fit Bodyweight and even Beach Boot Camps held at Tanjong Beach Club.

Each 60-minute class begins with a thorough warm up so as to reduce risks of injury, followed by different sets of individual as well as partnered exercises to keep one’s heart rate up.

Held at some of the most scenic spots in Singapore including Botanical Gardens, Robertson Quay, Fort Canning and East Coast, these outdoor boot camps will keep you feeling invigorated. Prices start from $150 for five sessions, with a free first-time trial for new students.

Find out more at ufitbootcamps.com.sg.


Ooberfit – Work Out With Sports Equipment


To keep things fresh, no two boot camp sessions at Ooberfit are the same. (Photo: Ooberfit)

Get uber fit with Ooberfit’s boot camps, which cater to all ages. Case in point: They’ve got students ranging from young ones fit as a fiddle to a 63-year-old with osteoporosis.

To keep things fresh, no two boot camp sessions are the same, although HIIT (high intensity interval training) is prioritised for its cardio benefit. Students can expect a good dose of cardio work out alongside Pilates-style mat exercises to tone the body.

Apart from body weight exercises, sports equipment ranging from weights, ladders, ropes and medicine balls to resistance bands, Pilates rings, are also utilised.

Run by qualified personal trainers, Ooberfit prides itself on small class sizes so that participants can be guided and checked for good form. In addition, the group sessions are great for fostering friendships as well as offering a competitive edge — all in the name of good fun. Prices start from $150 for six sessions.

Find out more at ooberfit.com.


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