#NYFW: Fashion Week’s Unglamorous Side

Amidst all its glitz and glamour, Fashion Week has its not-so-pretty truths

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Weekender Singapore has just wrapped our first Fashion Week experience, and our conclusion? Amid the thrill of meeting celebrities and enjoying our seconds of social media "fame", Fashion Week is tough - real tough.

I, like many, have seen splashes of photographs on social media and thought, "That seems like so much fun!" It’s a celebration of the best parties, great designs and the season’s most fantastic apparel.

But there is a strong reason why fashion week photos always and only show off the best sides: People work very hard to keep it that way. What you don't see are those who work relentlessly around the clock, shedding blood, sweat and tears before the shows even begin.

Here are five revelations we had about the unglamorous side of Fashion Week.

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5. Eating is for the weak

There was little to no time for food. Show schedules are normally packed back-to-back during the day, and are usually not housed within the same venue. When that happens, moving around took up time as well.

At the show venues, all that is typically offered is a liquid diet: Soft drinks, cocktails, champagne and water. You barely see any form of solid food. While cereal bars might be a rescue item I could handily slip into my purse, nothing could replace a piping hot meal.

When night fell and we returned to the hotel, room service had been suspended and hungry souls turned to instant noodles for comfort food. Sometimes, we would treat ourselves to a well-deserved and expensive Chinese or Peruvian food take-out.

Despite all that, Fashion Week is a priceless experience that I would gladly go through all over again. I’d say I might even be well prepared for my next stint. Milan, anybody?

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