#NYFW: Fashion Week’s Unglamorous Side

Amidst all its glitz and glamour, Fashion Week has its not-so-pretty truths

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Weekender Singapore has just wrapped our first Fashion Week experience, and our conclusion? Amid the thrill of meeting celebrities and enjoying our seconds of social media “fame”, Fashion Week is tough – real tough.

I, like many, have seen splashes of photographs on social media and thought, “That seems like so much fun!” It’s a celebration of the best parties, great designs and the season’s most fantastic apparel.

But there is a strong reason why fashion week photos always and only show off the best sides: People work very hard to keep it that way. What you don’t see are those who work relentlessly around the clock, shedding blood, sweat and tears before the shows even begin.

Here are five revelations we had about the unglamorous side of Fashion Week.

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1. Due to time difference, we work double the time

Being part of Asian press, I discovered that time difference plays a huge part of my coverage. New York is 12 hours behind Singapore, so while the rest of Asia is fast asleep, I was wide awake running from show to show, from one showroom to another.

In this digital age, the press has to make sure they are actively reporting live and “exclusive” content to give our best to our readers.

When I thought that my long day had finally ended and I could retire to my hotel to rest, I remembered that I now had to file my stories and communicate with the Asia team to make sure everything ran smoothly.

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